Welcome to the interactive web site - wildhorseandburro.org !! We are a CMS (Content Management System) site designed specifically for the people, organizations, and groups affiliated with our nation's wild horses and burros to participate. 

people gesture of unity 450x250For the Public, this site is designed to:

  • Bring our combined information and resources to people wanting to know more about our nation's wild horses and burros.

  • Bring all the information the public could possibly need, accessible from one central location. (Government and organizational websites, classified ads, proud owners and their accomplishments, social media groups, etc.)

  • With all the information currently available, we don't want the public to be frustrated or confused. So, we have laid everything out in a simple and easy to follow format.

For the Individuals Involved, this site is designed to:

  • Bring all the information and resources YOU need in a format which is easy to maneuver. 

  • Provide an access controlled membership that will enable you to own, edit, contribute, and monitor your own resources and information on this site. 

  • Membership is FREE ! You can set up your account manually or use your Facebook account to sign-up. The only information we require is name, city, state and email.

  • Like Facebook and similiar social media entities, you are in total control of your privacy, profile, and friends. Easy to register and easy to leave - however, we hope you stay!

  • Provide a platform where individuals and groups can connect on a local or regional level. This allows for planning projects that will bring knowledge of the wild horse and burro program in your own areas.  Local project information  is saved for historical archives and also for sharing with others who would like to do something similiar in their own areas. No duplication of effort.


Let the nation know what you are doing - your ideas on helping to solve the crisis of having too many animals in holding facilities - and informing the hundreds of thousands of people who know nothing about this program!


We look forward to your participation!

The wild horses and burros of our nation will thank you !!