Supporting the Organization

As with most new organizations, we start out small. Even though this organization is new, the idea is over 10 years old.

Sheliah Wall is the founder.  She has 15+ years of knowledge about the "Adopt A Horse Program" ranging from adopting, volunteering, training, mentoring, etc.

We were  incorporated as a non-profit in late 2015.  We hope to have our 501(C)3 shortly.  All the work required to accomplish this project to date has been done by volunteers.

ALL the monies required to build and support this web platform as well as the necessary office tools have been paid for by the volunteer staff.

The goal of WILDHORSEANDBURRO.ORG  is to represent every person, organization, and group that works with and supports our wild horses and burros. We are facing HUGE problems and the lives of thousands of wild horses and burros hang in the balance. The more programs, resources and solutions we can come up with that will get more of these animals out of the holding facilities, the better.

WILDHORSEANDBURRO.ORG  will always be free and there will never be any "advertising" links and banners to clutter and bog down the site.