"It's time to think differently!!"

You've been hearing this quite a bit recently. And with very good reason.

To each and every one of us who say "We care about the welfare of our nation's wild horses and burros" - we say to you, "WE HAVE AN OBLIGATION."

worriedgirlWe've always had the obligation to help others who care about our wild horses and burros, with information in some form or another. Informational websites from individuals or organizations first began supplying helpful information. Foundations and organizations who took this responsibility seriously were formed. They laid the groundwork for what we have today.

Once Facebook took off, we had a "whole new set of tools". We didn't have to be part of an organization. We could as individuals create groups that other Facebook members could join.

As a matter of fact, the first questions we got during the development of this platform were:

Is it even necessary to have this tool?  Why can't Facebook handle all our needs?  Everyone's on it.  It's easy to start groups, share and store media, plan events, you name it.  Why do we even NEED this “platform”?  I can barely keep up with all my Facebook activity as it is.

Both business and personally, we do depend on social media.  It's a great tool to have in our toolbox.

What about the people who could care less about all this social media stuff??  What about the people who are on social media JUST to keep up with their family and friends??

Our answer to that question is simple.

Many of the aspects of this system which will be helpful to the wild horse & burro community and the public, can't really exist on Facebook or any Social Media platform.

We need to ensure that the General Public CAN locate all the information they need - quickly and efficiently.

There's too many "failed" adoptions, decreased adoptions, misinformation and lack of information. The way people locate the information they need really needs to be centralized.  This is the platform to do just that.

The same platform where people can come together, plan, and implement ideas in their own areas needs to be centralized - A place where information is shared and stored for others to follow our leads. 

We have an obligation to provide the answers to questions such as these:

1 - Are there any large animal vets in the area that will treat an injured “wild” horse?

2 - I've had my 3 mustangs for 7 years but I recently lost my job and can no longer keep them. Where is the best place for dedicated advertising that will get the best results and doesn't cost anything? I don't want to resort to the auctions

3 - I just adopted my first mustang two months ago. It's not going so well. Are their local mentors or trainers in my area?

4 - I don't know of any other mustang owners that are local. Where can I find information on local trail rides, maybe a group is practicing for the Xmas parade? I could bring mine to schools for expos on wild horses and burros and their place in modern society. Are there ANY folks in the area? Together we could create a lot of "Mustang Pride". I really want to help!

5 - What farriers in the area will trim the feet of ones, not 100% yet, but really needs it done?

6 - I don't have the land but really want to adopt one. Are there local boarding stables that will allow me to keep my mustang there during the "gentling" stages? One willing to work with me and not against me?

7 - I'd just like to have another mustang owner to do trail rides together and kinda buddy up and help each other. Has to be near "???????", etc.

8 - I can't afford personal training. I could really use a "workshop" so I can work out the stumbling blocks I'm having. Anything on the books locally?

9 - My horse is really getting old and now I'm having to move. Are there sanctuaries or rescues in the area that will allow mustangs - to live out the remainder of their lives in peace. I don't know where to turn.

We also have the obligation to create a “unified front” to the general public.  On Facebook alone, there are 50+ different pages and groups. They all serve an important purpose. The next LOGICAL STEP is to present a unification of resources which will help each and every one of us.  By doing this, are we creating an effective network that actually helps us and our animals.  If we want to bring an image of solidarity and wisdom to our community, this is the platform to do it.

Does the General Public know that there is a sea of thousands of faces active in various aspects of the wild horse and burro community?

Does the General Public know that we care very deeply about the welfare of these animals?

Does the General Public know that we have the knowledge and the experience? And that we have the voice and the ethics to participate in solving issues? Or that we are a wealth of information?

Let WILDHORSEANDBURRO.ORG point the way to ALL of your resources regardless of where they are. We have more options open to us when we have more than one tool in the toolbox.

Very rarely can one tool do everything we need. We have to be SMART.

The most important step, and perhaps your only step, is to provide information - pure & simple.
What types of information? Information on your accomplishments, your events, your ideas, and your resources.  Not only will this help each one of us, but at the same time, show the public the depth and scope of our feelings on this critical issue.

We need more than one tool in our toolbox. We need tools that will increase public awareness of the people who are actually working hard to create solutions. 

Contributing is of the utmost importance - especially at this critical time in history where the lives of thousands of animals are at stake.