"Our Western Wild Horses & Burros  -  Captured and Waiting"

An all-in-one national directory of information and resources will be produced each year beginning with 2018  

We felt that it would be in the best interest of the organization, and ALL the wild horses and burros in holding, to create a project that EVERYONE of us can participate in and present our valuable information to the general public. Compiled in such a way as to cover ALL aspects of obtaining and owning a wild horse or burro; it will introduce thousands of new people to the program AND to the support that's available today.

We felt a project like this could be more quickly and easily accomplished at this point - since time is of the essence for these animals.  We will have 2-4 months max to gather and format all the information you will be providing. 

It's a time to unite all aspects and interests of owning a "wild one" - all for the greater good.

Our horses, our heritage, our future

Be sure to get your information in! 

Here is the 2nd Draft for the Book Cover:


What Are You Waiting For ??