This a heads up for those who would like to participate in a project we deem as LONG OVERDUE.

There are still millions of people in the U.S. NOT aware of the plight of our wild horses & burros, the adoption program, NOR the resources available to them. 

This Has to be Changed!

Our project this fall/winter is to produce our first yearly guide called "Our Western Wild Horses & Burros - "Captured and Waiting".

It is aimed towards educating ALL people to ALL aspects of not only obtaining & gentling; but our successes, and the resources available to them.

IMPORTANT:  75% of the information contained in this guide will be submitted DIRECTLY by the people in the more than 50+ mustang & wild horse groups and organizations who love and support a positive outcome for these animals.

We've setup an Easy to Use system for you to add your information so that volunteers can then format and prepare it for publication.

We encourage everyone's participation in order to make our first (and future) guides a success!

We CAN make a difference in not only adoption rates but the quality of lives these animals have. We CAN make a difference if we ALL work together!




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