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All database categories have been set up and are ready to receive your submissions.

These instructions are for all the categories under Directory Resources with the exception of those with *'s. (government and state links).

You need to sign in in order to input any information.  The public can view all the resources but can't contribute without signing up. So, if you haven't signed up yet, please do so.

Click on Sign Up.LoginSignupBox

You have the choice to create your account on the site only (separate from Facebook) OR click on the Sign Up With Facebook icon at the top of the Sign-Up page. 



1 - Sign In

2 - Select Directory Resources from the Menu.

3 - Locate the category (and state or subcategory) for the information you want to submit.

4 - Click on AddYourListing"Add your listing here". Basic Editor is provided. 

5 - You can upload up to 15 images. Your 1st one is used as the primary photo. Try to keep images to no larger than 1200px wide and image size <=200K. 

6 - Can even attach your own flyers or other documents for users to download. Also audio files. 

7 - Listings already include 3-YouTube video fields. If you want to include Facebook videos - up to 2 per listing; then click on Facebook Videos under Mustang 911 Project and complete the form. The staff will take that information and generate Facebook code for each video and update your listing. You will be notified when this is done.

For Categories with States:

Boarding Stables, Farriers, Sanctuaries & Rescues, Trainers/Mentors/Fosters, and Veterinarians
Click on Your State, then on Add Your Listing Here. [Important: MUST be willing to accept or work with wild or semi-wild horses and/or burros.] 

For Categories Showing Real Stories:

Before & After - Diamonds in the Rough, Disciplines, and Showcase Stories
Click on subcategory if present, then on Add Your Listing Here.

For Disciplines/Showcase Stories, be sure to highlight your experiences and the capabilities of your horse in that discipline. Talk about the ups and downs, time spent, and your accomplishments so far. We want people to be encouraged to consider a mustang when looking for prospects.

For Before & After-Diamonds in the Rough, things such as how you got your horse (adoption, sale authority, rescue, sale, etc.) and how you handled the gentling and training process is important to the general public. Talk about your successes and feelings you've experienced.  Encourage people to be smart, but also to open up to the possibility that owning and training a wild horse is a very doable thing.  Talk about the special bond that's created, their intelligence and versatility. 

 * Look at Lady as an example of a listing that contains photos, Facebook video, and text.

 * Look at the Florence Prison Complex in Arizona as an example of a listing that contains photos, YouTube video, and text.

All Listings:

Don't forget videos, audio files, and documents people can download! Fields for these items are included in your listing. Provided are three YouTube and two Vimeo video fields. You may also have up to 2 videos from your Facebook or other Social media pages included. Use the Facebook Videos submission form for this. (must be signed in)

Your initial listing is submitted to us for review (no profanity, etc....). You will then be notified your listing has been approved. (always less than 12 hours).

From that time forward, you are free to edit your listing anytime, rearrange photos, etc. by clicking on the EditPng button beside your listing. (must be signed in). 

In conjunction with the current online tools and resource directories currently being developed; we're working on our first project under "Mustang 911 - What Are You Willing To Do?".  It's the 2018 Guide Book - Our Western Wild Horses & Burros - Captured and Waiting.

FINAL IMPORTANT STEP! - If you want your completed listing to be included in the 2018 Guide,

from the Menu, choose Mustang 911 Project and then choose Permission to Publish. 

If you'd like more information on the 2018 Guide, use the links below:


If you have additional information to add, please do so!

Listings for mustang friendly Farriers, Trainers, Stables, Vets, etc. are examples of great information to pass along. (Currently, these categories are pretty empty as we haven't finalized the campaign to reach regional professionals yet.)

We want to present as much information as possible, and we think it's better if it's from "real" people all across the nation. Check out the subjects we'll cover!

This interactive platform is easy to use. Add as much information as you can and encourage your friends to do so as well.

The more state and local information the better!

Thank you for your participation in a brand new endeavor - one which will grow with each and every publication!