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Let's Show Your Listings to As Many People As We Can !!

Free Classified AdsAre you using all the resources available to you? 

Facebook is a great tool for "advertising" your wild horses and burros.  Organizations and Horse Classified Ad sites also have areas for listings.  We ALWAYS want to use as many resources as we can to find good homes.

We created a Centralized "Wild Horse & Burro" Classified Ads for the general public.

Why should Facebook NOT be your only resource?

Advertising Reach Reality Check:

2016 U.S. Population 323,127,513
Men & Women 18-65 = 63% or 203,570,333.19

If you wanted to pay to have your post boosted in Facebook,

Target: Men & women in the U.S. 18-65
Facebook - Interests - "Mustangs and Wild Horses" - 4,010, Potential 3,000 (.748)
203,567,333 NOT reached

Target: Men & women in the U.S. 18-65
Facebook - Interests - "Wild horse" - 4,872,220, Potential 1,600,000 (.328)
201,970,333 NOT reached

"wild horse" and "mustangs and wild horses" are your only wild horse choices.


What features would it have for you as the lister?

  • The format of every listing would be uniform - displaying important data the same way on each one.

  • The listing can be simple or elaborate. (Up to 15 pictures, Facebook videos, YouTube Videos, audio, etc.)

  • Listing can be shared to your Facebook groups and pages. The share is beautiful and gives your audience a professional looking listing people like to see.

  • Your listing automatically has a connection to the HMA information for that animal.

  • Produces a really nice flyer for printing - so you can post locally.

  • Produces a really nice PDF file that you can email to interested parties or upload and share with other mediums.

  • It even allows for trainers and mentors to advertise in their states as well.

  • When logged in, you have your own page showing all your listings for easy management.

  • You are in control of all your listings at all times. You can change the order of your photos or add and delete new material at any time. Delete when done. It's that simple.


 But we're not done yet !!

What features would it have for the people viewing these ads?

  • Viewable by state
  • Viewable by level of training (Not handled / Gentled / Trained (Saddle, Pull, Pack) - for both horses and burros
  • Viewable by type of placement: Standard, TIP, Re-Home, Foster, Rescue
  • Viewer can automatically click from listing being viewed to another "matching" listing ( HMA, height, sex, color, placement type, etc.) Very easy for the viewer to navigate, locate, and easily contact you.

People love easy access and the ability to find the information they are looking for!


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It brings up your default email program and inserts the Ad's Description:
"Horse has been worked with for 60 days. Comes when called from pasture. Handles halters and lead ropes well. Can brush all over body and even bathes. Farrier ready, does wonderful. Loads and unloads from trailer. Yields to pressure during liberty sessions.Ready to go to training. Must meet B.L.M.

http://www.wildhorseandburro.org/index.php/directory-resources/classified-ads-wild-horses-burros/California/horses-gentled-673-695-701/tip-trained-sorrel-mare "
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